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Tokashiki Island, located in the Kerama Islands, the closest remote island to the main island of Okinawa, is filled with beautiful Kerama blue ocean and pristine nature. For those who want to enjoy island time at a leisurely pace, an island walk on Tokashiki Island is recommended.


Bike rentals, bicycles, and cabs are available to take you around the island, which has many ups and downs, so you can freely visit the most spectacular spots. Why not enjoy the charms of Tokashiki Island with an island walk that can be enjoyed even in the off-season?

Basic information about Tokashiki Island


Watakashiki Island is the largest island in the Kerama Islands, measuring 9 km north to south and 2.8 km east to west, with an area of 15.8 square kilometers. The waters are among the clearest in the world and are home to approximately 250 species of coral and colorful tropical fish.

The island is lined with mountains over 200 meters high, and is deep green throughout the year, with colorful flowers unique to the subtropical zone. The island is also home to a promenade and observatory where visitors can get up close and personal with plants and other living creatures, allowing them to enjoy a relaxing time on the island.

Recommended Spots on Tokashiki Island.

Awaren Beach


Awaren Beach, with its 800-meter stretch of pure white sand, is the most popular beach on Tokashiki Island and attracts the most tourists. It is also a popular snorkeling spot because of its calm waters where coral can also be seen. There are restrooms, shower rooms, rental stores, and restaurants in the vicinity.

Kuba Forest Back Beach

Kuba Forest Oku no Hama Beach, also known as “Hijuishi Beach,” is a beautiful sunset spot located near Awaren Beach. The entrance is not easy to find and there are few tourists, so this is a good spot for those who want to enjoy the ocean quietly and watch the beautiful sunset and starry sky.

Awaren Park (Hinakushi)


The observation deck and Abaren Park, located at the southernmost point, is about 3 km from Abaren village, to the southeast of the village. A walk around the area is recommended, as there is a pavilion overlooking the beach and a well-maintained footpath. The view of the Kerama Islands and the Kerama blue ocean from the deck is breathtaking. On a clear day, you can also see the main island of Okinawa from the east.

Hanali Island


Hanari Island is a small uninhabited island that can be reached by boat from Abaren Beach in about 10 minutes. It is a popular snorkeling and diving spot, as the area offers beautiful tropical fish, coral, and sea turtles. Hanari Island is also known as “Shibugaki Island,” since a statue of the three was erected in 1988 to commemorate the dissolution of Shibugaki-tai.

Teruyama Observation Deck


Teruyama Observatory, located between Abaren and Tokashiku Beach, is a superb viewpoint from which you can see the three islands of Zamami Village (Zamami Island, Aka Island, and Keruma Island) across the Kerama Strait. The observatory is located near the top of the 170-meter-high mountain, so it is a bit of a walk, but it is a recommended spot for viewing the vivid “Kerama azalea.

Watakashiku Beach


Tokashiku, located on a bay in the center of the island, is a good beach for families with small children because of its shallow waters and gentle waves. There is also a campground nearby, making it ideal for those who want to enjoy the outdoors. Tokashiku Beach also has a feeding ground for sea turtles, so there is a high chance of encountering them.

Alan Observatory


The Alan Observatory is located on the way to Tokashiki Port from Abaren Beach. This observatory overlooks the east coast of Tokashiki Island and is a popular spot for whale watching in winter (around January to March). If the weather is fine and the air is clear, you can see as far as the main island of Okinawa.

Wokashiki Fishery Cooperative Association directly managed shop


Tokashiki Fisheries Cooperative directly managed store where you can buy fresh seafood landed at Tokashiki Fishing Port. The famous tuna and colorful fish unique to the subtropical zone are sold at reasonable prices. Tuna Jerky” is a popular souvenir product of Tokashiki Island. There are also many other products that can only be purchased here, such as tuna tsukudani, namaribushi, and dried flying squid on board.

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