B&B GRAND BLUE is a simple accommodation facility that provides a fun and comfortable stay on Tokashiki Island in a lively atmosphere. The staff is friendly and easy to communicate with, so whether you're on your own or in a group, you can have a fun time here.

You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner at the cafe and restaurant on the 1st floor, and the room is fully equipped with internet facilities! We also offer a custom order service exclusively for hotel guests, so you can fully enjoy Tokashiki Island empty-handed.

Price: 8,800 yen per person (no meals)

Check-out: 11:00, Check-in: 15:00
Transportation to and from the ferry terminal is available. For more information, please call or DM us on official Instagram.

Recommended points of
B&B GRAND BLUE*Please note that room layout, facilities, and amenities are subject to change.

Room types to choose from

There are two types of rooms: single and double rooms. Available for singles, families, and groups. (All rooms non-smoking)

Wi-Fi/FireTV also installed

Wi-Fi/Fire TV is installed in the room. You can spend time even if the weather is bad.

Equipped with mini refrigerator

Each room is equipped with a mini-fridge that can hold soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, and small snacks.

Water pressure is strong and the shower is comfortable

Shared showers are available both inside and outside the facility (shampoo, conditioner, and body soap provided). The water pressure in the shower is strong, so it's comfortable to use.

Full range of skin care items

We have a wide selection of carefully selected skin care items, including organic cosmetics, that are recommended for after sunburn or bathing.

Eco-friendly amenities

Our disposable toothbrushes are made from bio-based resources and are certified with the Eco-friendly Biomass Mark.

Comfortable with fluffy towels

We provide fluffy and soft towels just like you would find in a hotel.

Quick-dry shiny hair with Dyson hair dryer

We also have Dyson hair dryers and hair brushes that are gentle on your hair and dry quickly.

You can also eat on the 1st floor! Services available for guests only

For guests only! We are currently running a discount service where you can eat and drink at a great price at HARVEL KITCHEN on the 1st floor. Please contact us for more information to staff.

Precautions when using B&B GRAND BLUE

This facility is operated as a simple accommodation facility, and employees also live within the same facility.
*Please note that during HARVEL KITCHEN's business hours, you may be able to hear the TV or other noises from the adjacent room. We have headphones in your room, so please use them if you are concerned about the sound.
*Showers and toilets will be shared.

*Important*About cancellation fees
If you wish to cancel your reservation, please be sure to contact us by phone or DM. Cancellations are free of charge up to 8 days before the date of use, 20% of the accommodation fee from 7 to 4 days before, 50% of the accommodation fee 3 days before, 80% of the accommodation fee 2 days before, and no cancellation fee on the day of use. In case of cancellation, 100% of the accommodation fee will be charged. However, this does not apply to cancellations due to bad weather, disasters, or ferry cancellations.

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