Beach & marine activities

A beach where you can enjoy the sea world that you don’t usually get to see.&Marine activities.

The Kerama Islands, which boast some of the clearest water in the world, were designated as a national park on March 5, 2014 (Coral Day). Beach and marine activities are perfect for enjoying the unique “Kerama Blue” sea.

Tokashiki Island has a lot to offer, including jet ski rentals that let you ride freely on the sea, banana boats that are easy to enjoy, and snorkeling that allows you to observe the ocean. Why not enjoy the sea of Okinawa to the fullest with your favorite beach and marine activities?


This is an activity where you can enjoy the ocean view using equipment such as a mask (underwater glasses), snorkel, and fins. In the sea of Tokashiki Island, you can enjoy a world that you cannot normally see, such as colorful tropical fish and corals, and depending on the time of year, sea turtles swimming. A professional guide will accompany you, so even those who are not good at swimming can participate with confidence.

Depending on the time of year, you might even be able to see sea turtles swimming nearby!

Banana board

Banana boating is an activity where you ride on a playground equipment pulled by a personal watercraft driven by an instructor and ride across the water. The board moves with the movement of the personal watercraft, and the unpredictable movement and bouncing of the waves are thrilling! The speed you experience is high, and you can enjoy the exhilaration of moving freely across the wide ocean. The board can be enjoyed by two or more people, so it is recommended for people who want to enjoy it in groups, such as families and friends.

The exhilarating feeling of running through the water is the best part of marine activities.

Underwater scooter

Recommended for those who want to enjoy the latest beach and marine activities! The underwater scooter is a small underwater scooter that is easy to operate and allows you to swim freely. You can hold the underwater scooter in one hand and spin around on the spot, or if you mount a GoPro, you can shoot underwater videos with a sense of speed! It can be used by a wide range of ages, from children to adults.

Jet ski

The popular jet ski, which has many repeat visitors, is a personal watercraft that propels you forward by ejecting water like a jet. The exhilarating feeling of running on the ocean at speeds of 90km to 100km/h is sure to give you an impression and excitement that you can’t experience on a daily basis. You don’t need a license to enjoy the ride as it is operated by an experienced instructor.


*You cannot participate in marine activities after drinking alcohol.
*Each activity/rental may be canceled or you may be unable to participate due to weather, sea conditions, tide levels, etc.
*Each activity may not be available depending on age.

(If a minor participates, a signature of a parent or guardian is required)

*In case of illness or injury, a doctor’s certificate is required.
You may not be able to participate in the program due to your medical history such as respiratory disease, circulatory system disease, ear/nose disease, epilepsy, diabetes, etc., or pregnancy.

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